Schools and Libraries 

Shrinking budgets make it difficult to many schools to access technologies that help maximize student achievement and keep schools safe.
With the E-Rate Program, schools and libraries may be eligible to obtain affordable access to advanced voice, data, and network services. US Telecom Group can help.

US Telecom Group provides a complete range of E-Rate eligible services including voice, data, network, internet, video, and wireless through our participating service providers. We can help you understand the E-Rate program and how to maximize your benefits.

What is E-Rate?

E-rate is a federal program that provides elegible schools and libraries with discounts of betwween 20 -90% on elegible services.  The E-rate program is administered by the School and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC). The Program was created as part of The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 to ensure that all eligible schools and libraries have affordable access to modern telecommunications and information services. 
How can I use E-Rate funding?

Can you name a year when education and technology budgets were not under pressure? E-rate funds help pay for some of the expenses in Telecommunications, Internet Access, and Infrastructure.

How can US Telecom Group help?

US Telecom Group is an authorized agent to many E-Rate eligible carriers in the United States. This allows us to bring you multiple carrier bids. We have been involved in the E-Rate program since its inception. We have the experience and expertise to help meet your needs. We take the headache out of managing multiple vendors. US Telecom Group will serve as a single source for all you E-Rate service needs.